About Our Company

DogBizPro has been helping dog trainers run their business since 2011.

About DogBizPro

DogBizPro was developed specifically for dog trainers by dog trainers. DigBizPro’s founder, Stephanie, is a dog owner, trainer and web designer. When two fellow dog trainers decided they needed a software application to help manage their businesses, DogBizPro was born.

Both trainers had previously tried other software programs out there with little to no success. The other applications just didn’t have the features they were looking for. DogBizPro was born out of a love for dogs and the desire to give dog trainers the tools they need to successfully manage their businesses, so they spend more time helping dogs and their owners succeed. The first version of software was released on June 25, 2011.

Our Mission

To provide dog professionals with the tools they need to successfully manage their business. We hope our software will take away some of the paperwork and give you more time to dedicate to helping your clients and their dogs!