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    Modularized Classes
    9 years agocompleted0
    I run a couple of classes as "continuous" enrollment with a modularized curriculum rather than fixed start-stop dates; most particularly my puppy courses so I don't have to delay a puppy starting trai... Read more...
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    Copy Class Roster to New Class
    9 years agocompleted0
    We have classes like Agility and Nose Work where students continue on for multiple sessions together in a class. It would be great if we could copy the existing roster instead of having to add all the... Read more...
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    Event Invitations
    10 years agocompleted0
    I would love to have the ability to send out invitations for my public events so that people could respond if they are coming or not.
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    Registration Levels for Events
    10 years agocompleted0
    I would like to have the ability to add different registration levels to events. For instance, for workshops or seminars I need the ability to have a separate price for working vs autiting spots.
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    Client Document Import
    10 years agoopen0
    The ability to import client information (name, address, dog's name, contact info) directly into a document. That way I could put together, for example, a customized contract document with minimal eff... Read more...
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    Training Log
    10 years agoopen0
    I know that I can enter notes under a dog, but a more structured training log would be great.
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    Email Integration
    10 years agocompleted0
    It would be cool to have everything in one place and to be able to send an email directly from the application.
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    Google Calendar Export
    10 years agocompleted0
    I would love the ability to export my DogBizPro calendar to my Google Calendar.